FALFA stands for Freedom And Liberty For All.

The FALFA Project is an endeavor to promote and increase the understanding of spiritual freedom (based upon Catholic principles), political liberty, and their essential link, with the aim of increasing both in the world. This we try to accomplish through our website and our podcast.

We are based mostly in the United States of America, so our perspective is American, and we often speak directly or indirectly to American society and culture, but the principles of freedom and liberty are universal and should appeal to anyone and everyone in the world.

The FALFA Project was founded by our Podcast host, Mister M. We are a (currently) small, but diverse, group of people who hope to grow in spirit, in liberty and in number. The Project is not limited to any particular group of people, however. We hope that you will help us in accomplishing the Project’s goals in whatever way you can and wherever you are.

If you’re wondering why we follow Catholic principles, or religious principles at all, you may want to read our