17 Dec

The Importance of Distinctions

Understanding Distinctions

It has been said that modern man has trouble making distinctions. This difficulty has led us into a lot of fundamental errors in our thinking and has serious consequences for our society and for all individuals.

A distinction … Read the rest

17 Dec

#6 The Importance of Distinctions

In this episode we take a look at why being able to make distinctions is so important and why discrimination is not always bad. We talk about … Read the rest

19 Nov

Freedom & Liberty

Freedom & Liberty

This document attempts to illuminate the intimate relationship between spiritual freedom and political liberty. We recommend reading these articles first: “What is Freedom?”, “Obstacles to Freedom”, “Path to Freedom” & “… Read the rest

31 Oct

#4 What is Liberty?

In this episode, we explored the following questions:

What is Liberty?
What are negative rights?
What are human rights?
What are negative rights & human rights founded … Read the rest

26 Oct

#3 Obstacles to Freedom

This episode we talked about what the obstacles to freedom, how we can attain freedom and what freedom looks like. We delve into what sin is and … Read the rest