22 Nov

#15 A Defense of Western Culture

It is common to hear these days that the West is evil and that Western Culture is racist, but is that really so? In this episode we’ll take a look at Western Culture, it’s origins, achievements, decline, the objections against it and why it’s important and worth saving.

We mentioned the sin of pride and what St. Aquinas said about love. For love of country, see what Chesterton’s said in Othodoxy, especially in the chapter “Flag of the World”.

You can learn more about the Aztecs from the following sources:
History.com, Encyclopedia Britannica, Ancient.eu (1), Ancient.eu (2) and anthropology.msu.edu and about the Incas here, and Native Americans here.

We mentioned the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the Nanjing-Massacre and we also talked about the Scientific-Revolution, the Industrial-Revolution, electricity and modern standards of Living.