17 Dec

#6 The Importance of Distinctions

In this episode we take a look at why being able to make distinctions is so important and why discrimination is not always bad. We talk about models and define Indifferentism, Relativism and Subjectivism, Nihilism and Reductionism. We also mentioned Susan B. Anthony dollar coins.

We quote the following from the Interdisciplinary Encyclopedia on Religion and Science :

“Reality is a multi-layered unity. I can perceive another person as an aggregation of atoms, an open biochemical system in interaction with the environment, a specimen of homo sapiens, an object of beauty, someone whose needs deserve my respect and compassion, a brother for whom Christ died. All are true and all mysteriously cohere in that one person. To deny one of these levels is to diminish both that person and myself, the perceiver; to do less than justice to the richness of reality. part of the case for theism is that in God the Creator, the ground of all that is, these different levels find their lodging and their guarantee. He is the source of connection, the one whose creative act holds in one the world-views of science, aesthetics, ethics and religion, as expression of his reason, joy, will and presence.”