19 Oct

#1 An Introduction

In this episode we cover what The FALFA Project is, what the podcast is about and what kind of topics we’ll be covering in the The FALFA Project Podcast. We go into why the topic of freedom and liberty is important, why we should discuss it and why we are founded on Catholic principles and our view of other faiths. We go over what the Catechism of the Catholic Church is and why we’ll be citing it often.

We give our stance on politics, relevant to the show and make our American perspective known. We go over some of our rules for the podcast as well as our general format. And lastly we affirm that our podcast is for everyone of all faiths and non-faiths. Our poem for this episode was “The Catholic Sun” by Hilaire Belloc.

We took a look at the following paragraph in the Catechism: 830

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