04 Jul

#11 What is the Proper Role of Government?

In this episode we ask “What is the proper role of government?” We consider three broad possible answers: “None”, “Specific & Limited” and “All-Encompassing”, the … Read the rest

18 Mar

#9 When is Law Legitimate? 12 Criteria for Discerning

In this episode, we ask the question “When is law legitimate?” and describe the following twelve criteria for discerning the legitimacy of any particular law:… Read the rest

17 Dec

#6 The Importance of Distinctions

In this episode we take a look at why being able to make distinctions is so important and why discrimination is not always bad. We … Read the rest

31 Oct

#4 What is Liberty?

In this episode, we explored the following questions:

What is Liberty?
What are negative rights?
What are human rights?
What are negative rights & human … Read the rest

26 Oct

#3 Obstacles to Freedom

This episode we talked about what the obstacles to freedom, how we can attain freedom and what freedom looks like. We delve into what sin … Read the rest